L type socket wrench


L type socket wrench (mm)

COD mm
BLM8 8
BLM9 9
BLM10 10
BLM11 11
BLM12 12
BLM13 13
BLM14 14
BLM15 15
BLM16 16
BLM17 17
BLM18 18
BLM19 19

L type socket wrench (Pol)

BLP516 5/16"
BLP38 3/8"
BLP716 7/16"
BLP12 1/2"
BLP916 9/16"
BLP58 5/8"
BLP34 3/4"


  • Always wear safety goggles to protect your eyes;
  • Do not strike the keys, unless they are designed for this purpose.
  • Always use a wrench proper gauge for each bolt or nut so that there is slack, as this will damage the wrench and screw.
  • Maintain clean key for a better grip, use it as dirty with grease or oil can cause accidents
  • Do not use pipes or other extensive bars for more torque.
  • Do not change the original shape of the keys.
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